Natural Remedies for ADHD – List of Natural Herbs for ADHD

August 21, 2012

Help for Parents has included a list of natural herbs for ADHD children and adults. These natural remedies have been tested by us personally and have found they work wonders.

Keep in mind that when using natural remedies for ADHD, they do not work overnight. They work with your child’s body allowing them to heal from the inside unlike medications that just cover up ADHD symptoms and cause your child to go into a fog.

The following natural herbs for ADHD are inside our cabinets right now and are given to our children each morning with a second dose each day after school.

Keep Cool: Vented Anger Formula - We found this very helpful with anger outburst. We tried giving it to our kids only when they were experiencing anger, but found it was more beneficial to give it on a daily basis. Kids like the flavor after a few days.

Also, when we first started Keep Cool, the first 2 weeks were a little rough due to the fact that this flower essence formula is made to bring out the anger inside to get rid of it before it starts the healing process. About the third week, things became calmer and the anger outburst are far and few between.


Focus Attention Capsules - With this natural remedy for ADHD, we have had great success with school work and general all around focus. Grades went from Cs and Ds to As and Bs which was stupendous. We give one capsule before school and one capsule after school just before homework time.

Also comes in a powder form. One child takes the powder form, but it doesn’t taste too good. The other children takes the capsules without difficulty.



Nutri Calm – This is great to help keep the hyper-activity down. It is basically just B Complex Vitamins which nourish the nervous system. It is also full of antioxidants. It is in tablet form and can be difficult to swallow. We cut up the tablet into smaller pieces and the kids have no trouble. It works great to help calm down the body and mind.

Flax Seed Oil – It is rich in EFAs and essential omega-3 fatty acids which are both important for brain function and growth. Together the Flax Seed Oil and the Focus Attention complement each other allowing them both to work better and stronger. This is a large soft gel, but it tends to go down easier than capsules or tablets. It does come in liquid form, but doesn’t taste very good. Some parents put it in juice to let their child drink it, but the juice will have to have a strong flavor like cherry or black cherry to help mask the taste.

Price Break on Natural Remedies for ADHD

As a parent who purchases these natural herbs each month, I know how expensive they can get. Luckily, Nature’s Sunshine gives every customer the opportunity to purchase these natural herbs wholesale.

When you order $40 direct cost, you get your membership free and can purchase your products wholesale direct from the company. They often run free shipping specials, buy one get one, and many other sales throughout the year. That’s why we did it!

Remember natural herbs feed your body and will take 2 to 4 weeks before you begin to see the amazing results!

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