ADHD Kids – Christmas Gifts for Kids

September 24, 2012

ADHD Kids – The Perfect Christmas Gift

When ADHD kids play, it isn’t the same as other kids. How do I know this? My son was diagnosed with severe ADHD and I’ve learned a lot from him. It’s amazing how much your kids can teach you if you only sit back, watch, listen, and let yourself learn.

Parenting an ADHD Child

Sure, it’s easy to tell a child what to do, but if you have ADHD kids, then you’ll be fighting a losing battle. Children with ADHD are strong headed, stubborn, and have their own way of doing just about everything. If you try to tell them exactly what to do without letting them have some say, you’ll not only have a child with a temper and constant outbursts, you’ll also have a child that has a broken spirit. This is something you should certainly avoid as this leads to a severly troubled child that goes way beyond having ADHD.

One of the best things you can do as a parent of an ADHD child is embrace the fact that your child has ADHD. What do I mean? Well, many parents don’t want their child to be different than other children. They want their child to eat the same things, play the same things, act the same way, but let’s face it, it just isn’t going to happen and the sooner you realize it the sooner your family will be happier and healthier.

Start now to work with your child and not against him.

One of the first ways to help your ADHD child is to not let them have extra time where he will get into trouble. We all know that ADHD kids get into things they shouldn’t, but with the right supervision and the right tools, you’ll find this happening less and less. When left unattended (while you cook or other chore), make sure your child has something to keep his brain working and his hands busy.

We’ve found that paper folding has been a life saver for us. We also found the perfect Christmas gift below that will keep ADHD children busy for hours – at least it does our child!

What is this gift? Christmas Ornament Paper Folding! He can not only have fun learning, but give them away as gifts. The product uses money to fold, but colored paper works great too! Be sure to wrap up a package of computer paper, construction paper, and other colored paper for Christmas and a pair of safety scissors and tape wouln’t hurt either.

Paper Folding – Christmas Star Tinsel

Have this downloaded to an iPad, laptop, or other computer ready for Christmas!

Christmas Gifts for Kids

I know that iPads are expensive, but if you invest in one for your ADHD child, he will be able to download games from the app store, explore worlds outside of his own, and learn things you never knew he was interested in.

I do want to say that  my child does NOT have his own iPad, but he does use mine nearly everyday to look up something new he wants to learn about. It’s crazy how much he has learned over the past 9 months (I got my iPad for Christmas 2011). He has learned to roller skate, walk on stilts, do gymnastics, stand on his head, card tricks, magic tricks, hula hooping, and the list just keeps going.

He watches how someone else does it, then rushes outside to try out what he’s just learned. Sometimes he gets frustrated, but he is very presistant and determined.

Amazon carries iPads and you can normally get free shipping. Here’s the link to see if an iPad is right for your ADHD child.

 iPad 2

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